Varda Artists Residency


Since the late 1940s the SS Vallejo houseboat has been a meeting place for artists and intellectuals. Talented artists such as Jean Varda, Gordon Onslow Ford, Mark Tobey, Wolfgang Paalen, Roberto Matta, and Ruth Asawa either lived or stayed at the SS Vallejo. Cultural figures such as the philosopher Alan Watts have also resided there. Others who have been connected to the boat at one time or another include intellectuals Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsberg, writers Jack Kerouac, Henry Miller and Maya Angelou, musician Harry Partch, filmmakers James Broughton and Agnes Varda, and curator Grace McCann Morley.

Since 2015, each iteration of the Varda Artists Residency Program included four to five creatives residing on the historic SS Vallejo at the same time. Each guest was be placed in a private living area and studio (cabin), with access to shared areas. The residency was suited to talented, curious, positive and outgoing artists, writers, curators, scientists and creatives.

2020 was the sixth year in which this residency occured. Our aim was to provide a peaceful and offline environment where creative people exchanged ideas, knowledge and produced new works. The residency was private, by invitation only and free of charge.

Varda Artists Residency was possible thanks to all the creatives and volunteers whotook part in the program. We would like to express our gratitute to the vast number of inpirational people who helped us made this dream come true.

Due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus, the program is no longer running until further notice.