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Zackary Steiner-Fox (b.1991, Auckland, New Zealand) graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts with a BFA (Hons) in 2013. Their work focuses on a queer phenomenology, explored through sculptural objects and environments that exemplify a kind of narrated subjectivity highlighting aspects of queer identities that are used to dismiss and discredit queer experience. Recent exhibitions include 'trustno123456' at Projectspace B431 (group, 2013), 'New Graduate Works' at The Gus Fisher Gallery (group, 2013), ‘Latent Cosmic Power’ at Gloria Knight (solo, 2014) and ‘Queering Ecologies’ (group, 2015).

i-d Vice interview screenshot 

i-d Vice interview screenshot 

ZSF Baby's art practice and stay at the houseboat has been described in ID magazine and THE COMMISSION.

Zack worked on a horror film made entirely inside the houseboat which was presented at The Bill: For Collective Unconscious (group, 2016). 

Popular Glory (2016) ARTSPACE, Auckland, New Zealand. Photo taken by Sam Hartnett.

You can read ZSFbaby's exit survey here. These days Baby lives in New York a glamourous life in New York:

Popular Glory (2016) by Zackary Steiner-Fox