Yousuke Fuyama was born in Nagano, Japan in 1983. He is an artist, composer, programmer, visual and graphic designer, and VJ. He has been studying musical research and sound art and completed Master’s Degree in Media Science at Tokyo University of Technology Graduate School of Bionics, Computer and Media Sciences.

Yousuke Fuyama at Gray Area 

Yousuke Fuyama at Gray Area 

During his stay at VAR Yousuke had a live show at The Lab (SF) and gave a technical presentation at Gray Area (SF). Yousuke also collaborated with Sam Norton (VAR's AiR) on an EP. 



Yousuke was invited by CreariveJdea to play a series of live sets in LA. Yousuke Fuyama also made a video for Tanroh in collaboration with Mushi and CreativeJdea. 

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