Thea practices slow, artisanal processes exploring the junctions between Fashion and Art together with thoughtful, conscious and resourceful design. Her hands carefully source, dissect and recreate found materials with a very experimental approach combining her skills in clothing and textile  production and manipulation with visual art techniques. Thea is also a freelance art director and has contributed styling work in magazines including I-D, Fashion Journal, Oyster, Catalogue, Contributor, Teeth, Pitch Zine, Ladies of Leisure, Aevoe…  as well as various other collaborations with photographers and  stores.

During her stay Thea worked on various collaborative photo shoots with local designers and stores around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thea also worked on new weaving techniques exploring the process of breaking down old fabrics and clothing into yarn and re-weaving them into something new and useful. Thea also hopes to create a  capsule collection through the utilisation of discarded American sportswear.