Shannon May Powell is an Australian writer and photographer based in Berlin. Her work explores sexuality and psychogeography, the meaningful interaction between people and place. Her work has been exhibited in group exhibitions for the Berlin Feminist Film Week and most recently she held a solo show at The Honeymoon Suite in Melbourne, Australia. Her work has been featured in a number of prints and online publications such as i-D Magazine, Ain’t Bad Contemporary Photographic Journal, The Ladies Network, and Whitelies magazine where she contributes a regular column.

Shannon’s first book, The Anthropomorphism of objects is a Form of Play, focuses on sensual experience, using a seemingly two-dimensional medium such as photography to evoke an erotic experience. Having studied writing and philosophy at university, the curation of her photography lends itself to storytelling. The playful and abstract nature of her approach allows the perceiver to enter a world of magical realism.

When in residence, Shannon worked on a second book of prose and photography while in residence at the VAR program.