Seala Lokollo-Evans lives and works in Melbourne. 

Seala exhibited in a number of group shows in 2016, 2017 and 2018 including: Place To Be, at The Brunswick Sculpture Centre; Of everything that disappears there remain traces, at The Honeymoon Suite; Window Shopper, at Campbell Arcade; and Fresh!, at Craft Victoria. Seala and her work have also been featured in Vogue Australia, Russh Magazine, Elle Australia, Vampir Magazine and Monk House Design News.

Seala’s recent works have focused on uncovering the space between the points of her Maluku Islands and Australian identities. Her most recent work, An Offering To My Other Side, 2018, centres on the confluence between the historical prominence of the vessel in ceramics, and its primacy - in the form of the boat - in Maluku culture. In the latter, the vessel serves as the fulcrum of how life on the islands is practically lived, symbolically structured, and commemorated. 

During her residency at the VAR program, Seala plans to focus on developing her own tools to generate different process patterns rather than working solely toward an output.

By looking beyond the tools traditionally prescribed in clay making, and instead developing an evolving stable of implements through the sourcing and intertwining of found objects, the gaze can instead be fixed on the 'upstream' of the creative process. this will generate a variety of different patterns of production that can flow to, and shape, the final outputs more profoundly. 

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