Sam Norton is a New Zealand born artist whose work examines sexuality and the intersection between her internal world with the external. Using herself as subject, Norton works across several disciplines - including video, audio, text, photography, collage and painting - blurring the line between public and private, reality and fiction. 


Her initial process relies on intuition, environment, and personal circumstance; later to be curated into a world she makes sense of, supporting an underlying theme of the need for control. Her work acts as a platform in which to project her physiological fears and desires, while allowing the viewer to become a voyeur into moments of exposure and uncertainty.

During her stay at Varda Artists Residency, Sam worked on a series of collages, a short film and an EP.

She took part in a group show at Alter Space Gallery (SF) and exhibited a new video work in Tokyo, alongside a collaboration project with past VAR's AiR , Yousuke Fuyama

More work can be viewed here  

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