Rowan Renee Hasty creates work that is drawn to liminal spaces, marginal communities, people and places whose identities are largely self-made. In these, she finds evidence of a deeply exercised freedom of imagination that is as much a tool for survival as it is an embodiment of the resourcefulness and resilience of creative force.  In Rowan's words:

"My work acts as the antithesis to estrangement --a symptom of late capitalist society and the systemic fragmentation of our minds and bodies-- through the cultivation of intimacy. Through it we transcend the chasm built by a society that disconnects us from one another and our own inner-dialogue".

Rowan had solo shows in New York city at PioneerWorks (2015), Kesting/Ray (2012) and Weldon Arts (2012). To mention a few, her work has been featured at The Philadelphia Art Alliance (2011), Los Angeles Thinkspace Gallery (2010) and Addict Gallery in Paris (2010). 

During her stay at the residency Rowan had a very reflective time. She focused on finding inspirational sources in the local environment and the beauty of the water. She used her time at the houseboat to decompress and rest from her busy city lifestyle. The self portraits she captured in film during her stay in California were featured at Peninsula Art Space (2016) in New York.