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Rosanna Tasker is an illustrator working with gouache, pencil and handmade papers. Her recent works have focused on botanical and figurative themes, with particular emphasis on positive human interaction with nature. Rosanna lives and works in Bristol (UK), where she received a Bachelor of Arts Illustration Degree with first class honours.

Rosanna works as a freelance illustrator on a variety of commissions, with a particular passion for editorial and publishing projects. Clients include The Guardian, The New York Times, The Scout Association, Corriere Della Sera, Heart Research UK, Tangent Books, The Boston Globe and The Washington Post.

During her residency at the VAR program, Rosanna hopes to reconnect with her unbridled creativity away from the confines of commissioned work; to explore the joy of the uncontrolled creative journey and expand her artistic process outside of her comfort zone.


Instagram: @rosannatasker.illustration

Online Interview and photostory:

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