Renate Levy lives and works in Buenos Aires. She studied Graphic Design and Fine Arts at the Panamerican Art School (Buenos Aires), and lithography and graphic arts at the Edition Center of Buenos Aires, where she printed almost all of her latest works.

Since 1993, Levy has been featured in many solo and group exhibitions in private and national galleries in Latin America and Europe. Renate also took part in diverse art events and fairs in Argentina and USA.

Her early works with oil on canvas are mostly colorful paintings which include some paper collages, where the texture modifies and gives structure to the surface. 

The recurrent concepts her work are chance, symbols, and phenomena.

While in residence, Renate will focus on the subject of chance, unpredictable encounters and findings, which compels her to be fully present in her new surroundings, including the special magic of her provisory home and waterfront landscape. The colourful lithographic printed papers she brought, will merge with who knows what: ¿objects? ¿papers? drawings or perhaps spirits…

Renate questions this so called reality and predictability by diving into uncertainty.