Monxto Algora is the founder and executive director of ArtFutura, a global festival of digital culture and creativity:

ArtFutura came about from the confluence of interests of some of the pioneers of the Cyberculture movement from the 90s, among whom were, Rebecca AllenWilliam Gibson and Montxo Algora, who presently continues to direct the festival.

Among the guests who have visited the festival there have been names such as Rebecca AllenTheo JansenBruce SterlingLaurie AndersonYoichiro KawaguchiMoebiusDerrick de KerckhoveDavid ByrneHoward RheingoldEduardo KacKevin KellySherry TurkleToshio Iwai and Chris Cunningham.

During his stay at Varda Artists Residency, Montxo,  researched the current state of VR in the Bay Area, meet with local developers, artists, and art organizations. 

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