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Mildred K Barya is a writer from Uganda currently teaching creative writing and literature at the University of North Carolina in Asheville. Her publications include three poetry collections: Give Me Room to Move My Feet, 2009, The Price of Memory after the Tsunami, 2006, and Men Love Chocolates But They Don't Say, 2002. She has also published poems in journals and anthologies such as Prairie Schooner, Poetry Quarterly and Moving Worlds: A Journal of Transcultural Writings, Vol 14, 2014. Besides poetry, her short stories include: Bless the Broken Path in Northeast Review, 2014, Black Stone in Per Contra, USA, 2012, Scars of Earth in “The African Love Stories” Anthology, by Ayebia Clarke, UK, 2006, Effigy Child by Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA) UK, 2004, republished in “Gifts of Harvest” FEMRITE, 2006, Land of my Bones published in “Dreams, Miracles & Jazz” anthology, Picador, Africa, 2008 and Raindrops published in “Words From A Granary” FEMRITE anthology, 2001.

Mildred has a Ph.D. in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Denver - Colorado, MFA in Creative Writing from Syracuse University - New York and B.A in Literature from Makerere University, Uganda. She blogs at: http://mildredbarya.com/ and is an active board member of African Writers Trust (AWT).

During her residency, Mildred will work on a hybrid project that combines poetry, nonfiction and travel narratives to explore the connections between leaving and living, migratory/diasporic themes such as alienation, estrangement, dislocation, loss, absence, nostalgia, while meditating on what it means to be at home in space and time, language, culture and the world at large.