Lucia Ananda  (Buenos Aires, 1989) is a visual artist, filmmaker, and photographer with a background in astrology and sacred geometry.
Lucia's work has been featured at the MVMA Video Music Awards (Berlin, 2015): La Langosta , MAC Museum of Contemporary Art (Chile, 2015): Poetics on Video, MAMM Museum of Modern Art of Medellin (2013): Celestial Twins and Trino, and SlyZmud Gallery: Fractalia an installation for Diego Gravinese's show (Buenos Aires, 2013).

She is currently studying multimedia art at The National Art University (UNA) in Buenos Aires. Since 2012 Lucia works at TRINO, a video production company that she co-founded. 

While in residence,  Lucia focused on bringing to this plane natural subtle and mysterious magical experiences, as faithfully as possible, translating what we feel and cannot say or talk about.

In Lucia's words:

As we change our assemblage point, we also change our way of perceiving and deciphering our reality. Can poetry in video get us closer to the remembrance of that sacred space, that lost paradise, inside us all? Meanwhile, in a twin cloud, the final question would be: can I take all the love I received from nature and return it through the lens I’ve been given?

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