Kristin Texeira was born in Massachusetts. She graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2010 with distinction and departmental honors. She has had the opportunity to partake in residencies in the states and abroad such as the Alfred and Trafford Klots Residency through MICA in Brittany and the Golden Foundation Artist Residency in New Berlin, NY. Texeira has exhibited on both coasts and in Europe and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

I paint to provide proof—for myself and others—of existing in certain moments in time. I paint to capture, document, and preserve memories. I translate the essence of moments through color by mixing up the poetics of people and places. I retell stories through painting and writing to preserve memories as tangible Color how I decipher new places when traveling, and the people I meet along the way. Through color I am trying to remedy nostalgia; my paintings are the vessels that ferry viewers back in time, so they can encounter a moment again and again.
Around seven years ago, I was rummaging through the stacks of an old bookstore in Massachusetts where I found an out-of print magazine with a holographic cover called VOYAGE. Inside I discovered an article about a painter living and working on a houseboat. His worked seemed to be inspired and intertwined with the light and color that reflected off the water around him. I cut out his picture, pasted it in my sketchbook and made a note to myself, “live and paint on a houseboat”.
Being a part of the Varda Residency experience is an amazing opportunity to live out this dream of mine – to be influenced by the light on the water and to absorb the stories of others who are also drawn to this way of life.