Kristin Reger's costume made at Varda Artists Residency.

Kristin Reger's costume made at Varda Artists Residency.

Kristin Reger is a visual and performance artist with a background in textiles and fashion theory. Her work explores the complex relationship of bodies and space, and to question the limits of where one construct ends or beings.

Her most recent work consists of abstract costumes, which function as assemblages on the body. She is interested in how costumes negating the representation of face, body, or other anthropomorphic features become otherworldly entities. Her work employs garment construction, movement systems, and sculpture and drawing to create a diverse installation, performance, and video works.

Kristin Reger (b.1984, Chicago, USA) received a Master of Visual Arts from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Mexico City, Mexico and participated in the Education Program at SOMA in Mexico City. She also has a Baccalaureate of Arts in Art, Design and Spanish from DePaul University, Chicago. She has exhibited with Casa Maauad, SOMA Mexico, Recess New York, Panoply Performance LaboratoryBrooklyn, The Textile Arts Center Brooklyn, Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and The Museum of Sex New York as well as at NADA New York, Zona MACO and Material Art Fair.

Kristin lives and works in Mexico City.

While at Varda Artists Residency, Kristin worked on drawn visualizations of costumes for future projects, new video work, and textile experiments, as influenced by the textural architecture of the houseboat and its surroundings.

All photos are taken by Erea Azurmendi