Kim Córdova is a Mexico City based artist and writer. She received her BA in painting from the University of California at Santa Barbara College of Creative Studies and is a graduate of Soma in Mexico City.

In her work, she excavates the nuances of the financialized art market as a system that cultivates market opacity and asymmetry of information while providing illusions of transparency, credibility and objective determination of quality in a purely subjective sphere.

Kim used her time at VAR to research for a new series of works that address the role of media and its relationship with desire and cultural production as critical to the development of national soft power.

By examining the new spirit of capitalism under which nations are brands and culture is capital, how can politics of estrangement serve as tools to reconstitute meaning in cultural production that has been flat-packed and branded for global exportation?

Solo exhibitions include: Four Candles in Four Parts, The Situation Room (Los Angeles, CA) The Dodo’s Verdict, Casa Mauuad (Mexico City, DF) and Brief Encounters with Tezcatlipoca at Bikini Wax (Mexico City, DF). Group exhibitions include: Once (11) at Centro de Arte Los Galpones in (Caracas, Venezuela), Estudio Abierto 6: 473.85 kg at Museo de Arte Zapopan (Guadalajara) El Fuego y El Borrego at Museo ExTeresa (Mexico City) Fuera de Lugar at MIAMI (Bogotá, Colombia). 

She is Contributing Editor Mexico City at Momus, and contributes to Art Review, Art Agenda, Flash Art, and San Francisco Arts Quarterly.