Photo credit:  Ricardo Horatio Nelson

Photo credit: Ricardo Horatio Nelson

Kembra Pfahler is an artist and rock musician, best known as the painted lead singer of The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, a theatrical death rock band she co-founded in 1990. Named in honor of cult horror film heroine Karen Black, the band uses music, drawings and films to dispel the antiquated notion that there is a hierarchy of artistic mediums. In her art and music, Pfahler follows the philosophy of availabism—making the best of what’s available. This is apparent in the low-tech props and homemade costumes the Girls of Karen Black Don on stage and which fill Pfahler’s exhibition installations.

During her stay at Varda Artists Residency, Kembra worked on the preparations for a workshop and a performance show that will be featured at The Lab

The Lab has invited Kembra Pfahler to transform its space into a surreal “Manual of Action” through her Performance 101 workshop, which espouses her core tenets of Availabism, Beautalism, and Antinaturalism. The madness will culminate with a performance event on May 28th hosted by Kembra and her brother Adam Pfahler (formerly of the band Jawbreaker). In the words of Nick Zedd/Orion Jeriko this event promises “blood, shame, pain and ecstasy, the likes of which no one has yet imagined. None shall emerge unscathed!”