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Honey Long is an artist working within the mediums of photography, sculpture, performance, and installation. Her recent works have focused on relationships between human and non-human bodies and the lively exchanges that happen between. Within this, she is interested in the fetishization of objects, females, and nature. Through highlighting the agency inherent in all matter she seeks to interrogate the binary classifications often associated with these fields.

Long lives and works in Sydney, Australia, where she received a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University of Sydney.

Along with her collaborator Prue Stent, Long was a recipient of the 2017 Life Framer Award and a participant in the 2016 Bouyrr residency in Connecticut, New York.

In Australia their work together has been exhibited at the Ballarat Foto Biennale, Centre for Contemporary Photography, ARC ONE Gallery, Melbourne, Murray Art Museum, Albury and Underbelly Arts Festival, Sydney. Internationally they have shown at  Fotofestwal Lodz, Poland, Reminders Photography Stronghold, Tokyo and Clamp Art, New York, with upcoming shows at Nicola Von Senger Gallery, Zurich, Fahey Klein Gallery, Los Angeles and PhotoEspana, Madrid.

Long and Stent’s work has been featured in recent publications such as Moon Man Magazine, London, (print), September Issues, London, (print) Vice Magazine; Focus Point: Prue Stent and Honey Long, Sirens Magazine; In conversation with Prue Stent and Honey Long and Dazed and Confused; The tension of how women look v how they’re expected to

During her residency at the VAR program Long worked with silicone, plaster and found objects to create sculptural pieces reminiscent of mutated seashells.

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