Greta Van der Star is an Auckland based photographer working with film and 8mm motion film. 

Her focus is to contribute to and support a female directed representation of women in fashion and media. 

Greta trained in film photographer in New Zealand, receiving a bachelor of Design and Media Arts at Unitec. In 2015 Greta featured in a group show curated by Yasmine Ganly of AnyoneGirl, in collaboration with Local Creative in New York.

Greta's time in the residency will be used to teach herself sewing techniques that have been passed through her family. She will be combining these new skills with photographed images printed onto silk and cotton voile, cut and reconstructed to reference family heirlooms, and memory. 
Printing on fabric gives the images a softer and more emotional quality, and blankets represent a deep sentiment, demonstrating hours spent threading together pieces of fabric to gift a loved one. 
The images reconstructed represent memories, a souvenir from a moment, reflected upon, often jumbled in the brain, some moments more vivid than others.
The final output will be a small blanket or hanging, hand sewn with silk thread, from an image printed, and reprinted onto cotton voile and silk georgette. A series of images will accompany the blanket to demonstrate the blanket in use.