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Fabiana Burr is a video and sound artist, with a focus on mystical perceptions and improvisational performances.

Composing real-time art with the use of ceremonial drums and ancestral voice cultivation techniques.

She currently works on experimental raw collages from her travels, to navigate into the poetics of the human mind, body and spirit. Mapping intimate and fragmented memories into lucid soundscapes.

Fabiana is the author of Silent Dust, a contemplative-ritualistic dance performed during Burning Man 2017. The piece reflects on the deepest aspects of the human experience.

Her short film Lost in the Dust, has been presented at the Mexico Fashion Film Festival as part of the official selection.
During the Varda residency, Fabiana will focus on designing spatial sound and light installations to compose real-time performances of generative music. Inviting the participants to become the artist, while being surrounded by Cymatic patterns of water-light reflections. At the same time, she plans to adapt selected poems into sound and movement meditative rituals.