Diego Gravinese is a visual artist, working mainly with oils and acrylics on canvas. His recent work deals with the possibility of finding the transcendental in the mundane and lay at the intersection of the narrative of the history of painting and his visions of the inner landscape, especially those worlds revealed during his experiences with sacred paints.

Gravinese lives and works in Buenos Aires, where he studied at the Prilidiano Pueyrredon Fine Arts School, and with painter Ana Eckell at the beginning of the 90s.

Gravinese has held solo shows at Ruth Benzacar Gallery (Buenos Aires), De Chiara Stewart Gallery (New York),  ZavaletaLAb Gallery (Buenos Aires) and SlyZmud Gallery (Buenos Aires), among other spaces and Museums in both cities. 

He participated in numerous group shows since 1992, in museums like the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, the National Fine Arts Museum (Argentina); art fairs like Miami ArtBasel, ARCO (Spain), ARTBO (Colombia), ArteBA (Buenos Aires), the Porto Alegre Biennale (Brazil), the Milano Triennale (Italia). Gravinese's work has been featured in many exhibitions in cities like Madrid, NY, Venice, Berlin, Miami, Praga, El Cairo, among others.

Gravinese has appeared in magazines like Art Nexus, Art Review, Time Out NY, NY Press, Elle, Vogue, and many others. 

During his residency at the VAR Program, Diego used the space to explore the use of lighter materials, like watercolors, gouaches, color pencils, and charcoals. And with these unusual mediums (to him). Diego created a series of drawings inspired by his journeys to the transcendental realms, evoking the souls of those who once inhabited or visited the mythical ferryboat (Alan Watts, Jean Varda, Allen Ginsberg, Terence McKenna, Ram Dass, among others). He came to the residency to explore that possibility and to see how the environment (life on the boat, daily dialogue with fellow artists and a more minimal studio) would influence his work. Always with the aim of making the invisible landscape, visible.