Dhyana is a Brazilian naturopath and massage therapist. She works with natural practices as massage and aromatherapy, symbolism and holistic approach. Dhyana graduated at Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina, Brasil; gaining a postGraduate degree in the Practices of the Sacred Femininity.

Through this natural practice, she works on the integration of systems of body, mind, emotions and the spirit.

In Dhyana’s words:

"By using massage, once you surrender yourself through the therapy, you can start an inner journey that gets you in touch with your body consciousness. This experience can bring information to the surface that could help you reflect on how you live your life, as a portrait of yourself. Moreover, the use of natural vegetable oils and aromatherapy is ideal for accessing to your emotional and subconscious state. These realms are explored through body sensations and the memories and energetic alignments that arise during the session. Massage can also eliminate accumulated toxins in your body. This body therapy allows you to review and eliminate negative behavioral patterns by an aiming to achieve a realignment of your body and inner energy. The final result is an opening of yourself while also learning to perceive and accept yourself in a positive way."

While in residency, Dhyana worked with the recently experienced traditional Hawaiian Kahuna healing system called “Lomi Lomi” massage. Lomi connects people with their ancestral energy through the alignment of bones and bodywork, in a very soft way. It is meant to be like gentle waves reaching the shore, in a sensitive and rhythmic way. It also brings harmony with flowing movements and organizes the flux of energy.

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