Bodil Jane working at Varda Artists Residency

Bodil Jane working at Varda Artists Residency

Bodil Jane is an illustrator from Amsterdam.

She graduated with honors from Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, specializing in illustration (2014).

Bodil Jane loves to illustrate food, recipes, animals, fashion, interiors, plants, packages and maps. All of her illustrations are created by hand, using mostly ink and watercolors. Some of her clients are ELLE, Semi Permanent, Air Canada, Lee Jeans, among others. 

Photos taken by Bodil Jane while in residence at VAR PROGRAM.

Similarly to her Rome research trip, while in Sausalito, Bodil will document everything she sees and experiences. By drawing themes that are new to her, she wishes to achieve a deeper understanding of the local history. 


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THE SACRED HEART 2016 / Series of illustrations and patterns inspired by traditional Mexican folk art. All illustrations are made during a stay at Varda Artists Residency in Sausalito, California.