Agustín Rivaldo is a recording artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He developed an interest in folk music from Colombia and Argentina as a child, and started playing the guitar from a very young age. After finishing high school, he began teaching himself how to make folk instruments indigenous to the Andean region. Agustín then spent six years learning with prestigious Latin American luthiers, mainly specialising in string instruments. 

Now, Agustín creates music under the pseudonym Barrio Lindo. Influenced by the three years he spent in Colombia, Barrio Lindo combines traditional Colombian music with electronic.

At the residency, Agus worked in a new album called Kayak inspired by the houseboat life and the surrounding marine life. He also performed in private shows in Berkeley and at VAR, as well as public shows in LA at Creative JDEA and Dublab. Agustín also collaborated with other VAR's artists in residence such as Yousuke Fuyama and Mushi. Read about his experience here.

Translated by Carla Paloma
Edited by Laura Suzuki