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Aiste Stancikaite is a Lithuanian born artist and illustrator currently based in Berlin. She works with clients such as The New York Times, GQ, Forbes, Audi, and many others, as well as exhibits internationally.

The core of Aiste’s work is always an attempt to understand and recreate the perceptions of reality. She focuses on light and texture, keeping a balance between abstract and figurative to let one main subject take center stage and leave the rest to the imagination. The slow nature of intricate pencil drawing allows her to step away from fast-paced image consumerism and instant gratification. Instead, the physical and meditative process involved in creating each drawing brings a deeper understanding of the subject matter and its complexities.

In her recent works, Aiste has started using a single-color approach. This allows her to move away from the traditions of realism and into a more unusual style of contemporary drawing with a surrealist edge, something that would likely be absent with an entirely lifelike palette. The red-hued figures often featured in Aiste’s work become beautiful, alien creatures rather than everyday humans you’d meet on the street. The simplicity of this technique is an ode to the magnitude of a single color; the depths and spectrums of light to dark that ultimately define the power of the final image.

Aiste’s creative goal during her time at VAR program is to push this approach even further. She is planning to explore introducing background elements into her drawings, experiment with multiple layers that could broaden the context of her work and its impact.

Instagram: @aiste_stancikaite

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