Caroline Kaufman is a New York City-based textile designer. She graduated from Pratt Institute in 2014 with a BFA in Fashion Design. The designer is known for her experimental textiles, hand painted prints, use of color, and playful point of view.


Caroline carries a deep respect for storytelling and handcrafted art. She uses her painting practice to understand a limitless way of designing clothing and objects. Plants, animals, bikes, beetles, stripes, interiors, nostalgia, and dreams all provide inspiration for her craft. Her work finds a home in the space where art and design collide --the magic intersection of beauty and function.

Caroline's textiles and patterns have been used across fashion, homeware, accessories, stationery, murals, furniture, fabrics and many other dreamy surfaces. When she isn't in the studio she enjoys biking in the park, sitting in the sun, and cooking big slow savory meals.

On the boat, every part of life is art: waking up, eating an egg and toast on the dock, sweet conversations with other artists, sketching in the kitchen, and rowing out in the bay to say hello to the seals with one foot dragging in the water. These moments make up my time here at Varda Residency. I will continue to explore color through painting on paper and ‘painting’ with yarn. Daily life on the houseboat will seep into this practice, casting long-lasting inspiration and influence.