Bronte Mae Webster is an artist working predominantly with the medium of paint. Her most recent works propose speculative sites that are imbued with spatial paradoxes and psychological tensions. Fragmented and rupturing, her paintings seek to repurpose and re-contextualize otherwise disparate elements into new compositions. Drawing upon art historical imagery, dynamic architectures, found material, biomorphic forms, and a visceral personal iconography, her works are both energetic and intimate.

Bronte lives and works in Melbourne, Australia, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT University, 2017. She has exhibited work at the Crowther Contemporary, Soma Gallery, Arts Inc. Gallery and has had a solo show at First Site Gallery. Bronte has been featured in and on the cover of Fead Magazine.

During her residency at the VAR program, Bronte plans on making a new body of work that will evolve from her observations and experiences of a unique international setting. Becoming almost archaeological in her approach, she will intuitively uncover and collect differing visual languages of the every day in an effort to unify them within the pictorial space.