Carla Cascales Alimbau is an artist working with Painting and sculpture. Her recent works have focused on the admiration for the natural, imperfect, mutable things.

Carla lives and works in Barcelona, where he received a Master's degree in Design. Cascales is a recipient of a Laus Design Award for Graphic Design.

Carla Cascales has exhibited her work at White Wall Barcelona (2017), The Makers Madrid (2017),  Espacio 88 Barcelona (2016),  MCAM Gallery Barcelona (2015), and WeArt Festival Barcelona (2014).

Carla Cascales has been featured in Generació Digital (Tv3), Play Cultura (Diari Ara), Metal Magazine,  Trendland,  Good2be, SeiyuArquitectura y Diseño,  Artnau, TheCreativeNet,  Joi d’Art, Joia Magazine, Athër Studio, Sight Unseen, Say hi to,  Fubiz, Gráffica, index book, Novum,  FvF  and UnderConsideration.

In her own words:


My intention for this residency is to find new creative inputs and a space of tranquility and peace to be able to work on diverse projects related to the materials that the environment of Sausalito offers us. The energy of the surroundings, the harmony of the water and my personal experience on the houseboat will inspire my works. The artworks produced during the residency will be sculptures based on pieces of wood and other materials found in the surroundings and paintings or drawings representing the color-scheme of this unique place. Next I will expound upon a little more about these projects I would like to create during the residency.
Much of my work is characterized by the use of recycled materials. My intention at the residency is to visit places nearby where ships are built, and get pieces of wood they don’t need anymore to be the base for my artworks. I would like to experiment creating volumes with the wood and painting color palettes on them. This is a path I want to deeply explore, to reuse materials that are still beautiful but not useful anymore and give them a second life.
Another path I would like to explore is to build small sculptures with stones or rocks of the surroundings and paint them with gradients of color and various geometric shapes representing the life on the boat, the boat shape. For example, one artwork could use a color and a geometric shape to express  the peace you feel opening your eyes early morning and looking at the water from your room.
I would also love to experiment painting on a mirror. Water is like a mirror, so since we will spend a month living in a creative oasis on the water, I would love play with a mirror and paint to represent this feeling.
carla artwork 2.jpeg
The stars fascinate me. From a city like Barcelona, where I live, it is very difficult to see them because of the light pollution but I am sure that from there it will be possible and a wonderful experience. I would like to make a series of paintings of stars and constellations on different materials such as wood, a mirror, and  stone that reflect how the night changes the landscape and the beauty of these little magical lights.
In the dossier I read on the website, you mention we can also continue projects we already started. There is a project I started in Barcelona but I never had the time to continue working on it. It consists on making geometric shapes composed of very fine and close lines. The set of lines create different shapes and give a very nice and calming effect. I would love to continue developing this project during my time at the residency.
The last personal project I have in mind for this residency is the construction of small stools. The base of the stool will be a metallic piece designed by Curro Claret. He is a very well known designer from Barcelona who made and commercialized a specific tool so everyone could build their own stool by just combining three legs and a seat. I would like to build them using recycled materials from the surroundings (wood, old furniture...)
Finally, I would also love to make collaborative projects with other artists from the residency and I would love to work at the metal works workshop Marin Made of Alec Shaw.