Ohara Hale is a self-taught artist who works with many different materials and forms. She sings, writes, draws and performs sounds, words and colors that are questions and ideas about love, life, nature, and all the unseen and unknown in between. Hale lives sometimes/somewhere on Earth. 

During her time at VAR, Hale will be working on a variety of pieces inspired/influenced by her time on the boat/water + her current queries/celebrations about life/universe: a series of illustrated short stories, three poems, a collection of instrumental/ambient seaside/sunrise music, a handful of recorded/written playful guided/visual meditations, a few short animations, tiny gooey sculptures of dogs and frogs, one comic book, a few soft songs ( if she can get her hands on a guitar), and perhaps/probably a draft for a new children’s book/novel, too - while also experimenting with watercolour images for her recently completed YA novel and soaking in as much sunshine/nature/dreams as possible. All of these pieces make up the multi-faceted sphere of the one body of her(our) continual life’s work: observation/experience/time/joy/movement/curiosity/creation/play/love. 

All with one intention: hikari.

(But also Hale May perhaps scrap it all, fall in love with every color, a new medium, and start a whole new practice. Here is a good space to discover oneself and love this life even more.)