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Heather Goodchild works across disciplines including textiles, ceramics and painting. A fascination with objects—how they are made, their real or imagined histories, and the reasons we keep, collect, and revere them—inform her creative process. 

Exhibiting since 2002 both internationally and nationally, including shows at the Textile Museum of Canada and the Art Gallery of Ontario, alongside her studio practice Goodchild creates commissioned animated music videos and album art for musicians including Bahamas, Feist and Chilly Gonzales. She will next be exhibiting at The Rooms (St John’s, Canada). 

While based in Toronto, Canada, recent residencies including Cité des Arts Internationale (Paris, France), Skopelos Foundation for the Arts (Skopelos, Greece), and, under the auspices the Chalmers Fellowship, a self-directed exploration of the Bloomsbury group properties (Sussex, England) have expanded her practice. At VAR she will take cues from the houseboat interiors and objects as sources for observational paintings and animation experiments, considering how certain objects can transcend their basic function, becoming storytelling tools, emotional tokens, or reservoirs for spiritual yearnings. She hopes to hook a rug during down time.