Pilar Franco Borrell


Pilar Franco Borrell


Pilar Franco Borrell is a graphic designer, travel writer, and journalist based in Madrid.

Pilar earned a Master Degree in Creative Literature at the Pompeu Fabra’s University, followed by a Graphic Design Degree at Seeway’s Academy.

Her recent works have focused on developing visual identities, editorial projects and writing poetry or short stories to accompany hers or other women's photographies.

During her stay at the residency, she will be working on her next book that will be published next year in Spain. Pilar will also spend her time writing a 29 days journal documenting various emotional and existential topics such as vulnerability, fear, gender oppression as well as friendships born from her experience at the S.S. Vallejo.

See more here: https://www.instagram.com/piluro/





Prue Stent

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Prue Stent is a Melbourne based photomedia artist whose work blurs the lines between performance, photography and sculpture. Stent is fascinated by cultural definitions and expressions of femininity. Her surreal images speak to the subconscious and explore feminine identity as a concept that is fluid and ambiguous. Prue utilises a collaborative work process which celebrates spontaneity and unpredictability; focusing upon the theme of challenging norms of representation. These norms include representations of sex, domesticity, the natural world and raw colour itself.

Prue is a recipient of the 2016 Gucci #24hourAce residency .

Her work has been commissioned by FlushBus Vipers, Secret Gardeni-D Magazine, Krass Journal, among others.

See more of Prue’s work here: https://www.instagram.com/prue_stent/

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Lisa Carletta


Lisa Carletta http://www.lisacarletta.com/ is a Fashion Photographer and Digital Media Artist who lives and works in Brussels and London.

In 2017, Lisa Carletta completed a Master in Fine Art at Royal College of Art, London.

Her works focus on the exploration and comparison of the virtual body versus the physical.Lisa’s work engages with discourses around the female body and representation of the self.

Recurring themes in Carletta’s work are often taken from her personal life, in which memories of her own experiences take a central role. In doing so, she creates images that are whimsical and colorful, that simultaneously reveal common human insecurities and anxieties. Lisa’s work fabricates a fantasy world where nothing is what it seems.